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Copyright: Media Development International, 2018.

Photography by Filip Cargonja. 

1. Public screening

From February 12th, 2018, the film will be available for public screening worldwide. Join the change makers and help raise awareness by organizing public screenings for ‘The Stolen River’ in your community!

A public performance license is required by copyright law for any business, institution, organization, company or individual who wishes to engage in any screening of the film outside of the home. This requirement applies regardless of whether the institution, company or organization is commercial or non-profit, or whether a federal or state agency is involved, and whether viewing is free or an admission or other fee is charged. 

The public screening license fee and term vary according to the nature of the screening. 

You may fill out the screening request form and pay the license fee below. Upon receiving the form and the payment we'll send you the link where you can download the film from in high definition.

These fees will help the filmmakers and activists on their campaign to bring awareness to the issue.