Six young people in rural India

uncover a major ecological disaster,

to which we all unknowingly contribute.

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The Stolen River Wins Critics' Choice Award


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Our The Stolen River film’s new achievement: The Best Film On Nature award at the L’Age D’Or International Arthouse Film Festival in Kolkata, India.

The film is now available for screening in ITALIAN and SPANISH


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“This film is a gripping story of one of the most sacred rivers in India. The future of the Yamuna is at risk along with the lives of some 60 million people who depend on it. With powerful images and engaging narration the viewer will be forever changed.”

— Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim

Forum on Religion and Ecology

Yale University 

Please make the river pollution victims' voices heard all over the world by helping  promote this film.


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Photography by Filip Cargonja.